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We love the PS3

Group Founder: bad_boyz
Description: This group is abt ps3 games, news and everything 2 do with the ps3. so if u luv da ps3 then join us
Group Type: Public join
Members: 76
Category: Games > Playstation 3

Topics (8)

go GOW3 (1) placid
Has ne1 played god of war 3?

go HARLASUGAR (0) powerky
who want to be the richest man in world

go RTE PLAYER (0) mezzano1
I updated my ps3 to the 3.55 firmware but I can't seem to get the rte Player. any help please?

go Free ps3 (0) alexkp
Just go

go Best games for ps3 (4) seth900
What are the best games on ps3

go Join (0) norman29
Join the Ps3 site that gives you every thing you need to know about the Ps3. Go to or search Ps3needtoknow. Im not puttin...

go The colour of da PS3 (1) c.kayz_1
Since da ps3 is black, is dey also a silver console or mayb a see thru 1

go The PSP (0) bad_boyz
Since da psp was made 4 da ps2. Are dey gona make sumtin lyk da 4 da PS3. Mayb they can cal it a PSP3

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Polls (2)

go Hows many giga bites (GBs) does da ps3 hav
go Wat is da latest game onda ps3 dat EA SPORTS has made